The asset gathering process can be one of the most challenging stages for a client.

Some clients have libraries full of images and content and have trouble narrowing it down, while others don’t know where to start. Often, new businesses will have no content at all and are trying to create enough to look well-rounded. We’re here to simplify the process no matter where you’re starting from.

Common FAQs about gathering assets for your website design.

Q: We don’t know what we want visually yet. How do we start?
A: We like to start with pulling a few sites that you like aesthetically, then comparing them to websites in your industry. You might love the look of an e-commerce site, but drawing inspiration from a website so different isn’t always helpful since they are designed for a completely different conversion.

What else do you love about that site? The spacing? The grids they use for imagery? Once we understand the types of visuals that appeal to you, we can help pinpoint what would work for you and your website and can help point you in the right direction for photography or artwork.

Q: We love sites with images and other visual elements, but our library is lacking. How do we start gathering relevant artwork?
A: This is where stock can come in handy- we can add overlays or change colors to keep this looking branded. If stock isn’t your vibe, we can create design breaks using other visuals to break up your content and complement your branding.

Q: Opposite problem- I have tons of images and no idea where to start. How do I know what to pull?
A: Since your site will be mobile-friendly, we want to focus on visuals that will look great on any screen size. For example, you might love a picture of your logo on the office wall, but when the screen size doesn’t allow that area of the image to show, it can look a bit odd. We suggest focusing on images without one focal point- this way, they look great whether you are on a phone, tablet, or conference screen!

How we use visuals in our DC web designs.

We make sure your design uses visuals that aid your content, but not so much that it takes away from it. Whether you are bogged down with an extensive library or need to add some color and content, our experienced team can guide you to the best elements for you.

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