The importance of a full strategy in custom website design.

Your web design team should be ready to help you define all aspects of your new project to ensure your project is successful, and there are several steps you and your web design team should take prior to even touching design. By clearly and carefully mapping out your website foundation and getting a strong strategy in place, you will have a site that performs better and lasts longer.

The importance of a full strategy in custom website design.

Website Branding

Do you have existing brand guidelines? A logo? Set colors? Fonts? All of the above? None of the above?

Communicating to your web designer where you are in your brand standards journey will help make the process faster and easier for your new team to understand what needs work and what’s set. Your team is here to make sure you are certain of your brand standards, including what you want to change and what needs to stay.

Target Audiences

Who is your website for? Do you have a target demographic? Understanding your audience will help determine the overall style of the site.

Your web development team is ready to help you create custom personas to assist in defining the overall tone and UX of the website.

Website Objectives

What are the main goals of your website? It doesn’t have to be just one; in fact, most of the time there are multiple goals: submitting a form, setting an appointment, purchasing, signing up for the mailing list. These are all excellent goals.

By ascertaining your website objectives, your UI and UX can be created to help your new site achieve success. We’ll ensure we discuss your objectives in detail to help define success moving forward.

Key Features of Your Custom Website Design

It’s important to define key features as early as possible. Does the site need to be multilingual? Meet accessibility standards? Have third-party integrations? Feature eCommerce? If you aren’t sure, you should speak to a strategist before embarking on your redesign and work to get a solid blueprint in place to make sure that cost and functionality align with the ultimate goals.

Our strategists provide consultations prior to sending out proposals to ensure everyone is aligned on the key features required to create a successful redesign.

Site Map and Content

Having a plan for your pages and your content is crucial to a successful project. By knowing your personas, objectives, and key features, we can assist you in creating a sitemap that works for you and your visitors and also aligns with web best practices. Once your new site map is set, we’ll ensure the content is transferred to the correct new location.

As you can see, a lot more goes into a new website than a “cool” design. Make sure you pick a team that is focused on all aspects of your project to ensure that your site converts and works for your business in the long term.

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