DC web design and digital marketing experts since 2011.

Dupont Creative is a full-service, woman-owned web design agency comprised of designers, developers, strategists, and marketers based in the heart of Washington, DC. We create custom, enterprise-level WordPress websites and offer ongoing technical management and digital marketing campaigns.

Our team consists of 100% in-house, direct employees. We never use freelancers or outsource work, and each project is assigned a dedicated team, ensuring your project is handled by knowledgeable personnel committed to achieving your goals.

DC web design and digital marketing experts since 2011.

Finding the right agency to create your website can be a difficult process. You need a team that understands your vision and brings fresh ideas to the table.

Our business sits neatly between one-man-band freelancers and larger design agencies. Because of this, we can provide original and well-executed web design solutions and a full suite of digital marketing services without the high fees associated with using a big firm.

We’ll spend time getting to know your organization, industry, and ambitions to better integrate with your team and recommend strategies that are right for you.

Dupont Creative is a relationship-driven firm invested in seeing our clients get the most out of their web presence, whether a new website or a full digital overhaul. We’ve been building websites for a range of clients for a decade and are still here to support them. We want to be your partner on this journey.

Our mission is to provide everything our clients need to successfully design, launch, and run their online marketing. We work on all sorts of projects, big and small, and we’d like to know more about yours.

We have refined our process to ensure a smooth and efficient experience for our clients, ensuring even the largest, most complex projects are straightforward to execute.

Our Process
Working at Dupont Creative

Working for Dupont Creative

We put a lot of effort into making Dupont Creative a great place to work, where everyone is supported, and hard work is rewarded. We take pride in our talent, providing competitive salaries, great benefits, and investing in regular training and support.

Our goal is to find talented, motivated employees that enjoy their job and are happy that their career and progression in the company are headed in the right direction.

  • 100% employer-paid health, dental, and vision coverage
  • Regular reviews and guidance
  • New skill training and mentoring
  • Generous PTO allowance
  • In-office snack and beverage bar
  • 401k plan

Working with Dupont Creative

The majority of our client relationships last for years; in fact, many of our original clients are still with us today.  We attribute this to our desire to partner with you on your digital journey, going above and beyond to make our website and digital marketing campaigns successful.

Project Engagements

From the large and complex to the small and straightforward, we’d be delighted to help you craft your digital experience.


Whether you have ongoing digital marketing needs or you simply want technical management of your website, we can help.


Not sure where to start, need leadership buy-in, or help figuring out how much budget to assign to your project? We can help by providing a full audit.



We accept a variety of project types; please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

Our web design projects tend to run from the 10k-150k price point. We generally have a minimum project size of $10,000 but have worked on smaller projects on occasion when we felt our skills and the client’s needs were aligned.

We typically don’t respond to RFPs that do not indicate a budget range. We ask for a budget because, in many cases, there are a number of ways that we might “meet the brief” in different budget ranges. Much as you could compare a Kia versus a Mercedes versus a Bentley when looking for a vehicle, having a general idea of your budget will help us create a site that will work for you and your budget expectation.

Not sure what your budget should be? Set an appointment with one of our strategists to discuss your general needs and goals so that we can help point you in the right direction.

An average minimum is 12 weeks, typically 12 to 18. More complex projects could last much longer.

Do you have a rush job? Contact us to discuss. We once created a website for a conference in four days after a client was let down by another firm, so regardless of the challenges you’re facing, we may be able to help.

It really depends on what else we have in our schedule, but usually we can get started within two weeks.

WordPress templates tend to be rigid and come with a lot of extra “bloat” that can affect your site’s performance and cause security issues.

We develop custom WordPress websites. In addition to technical performance, we firmly believe in a content-first approach and designing websites around each organization’s content and goals instead of using an existing design and trying to shoehorn content into it.

By taking the time to invest in building a website from the ground up, you’ll have a website that performs better, was created for you and your audience, and is easier to update.

We do not. We find it can be extremely difficult to execute another designer’s vision as there can be issues with spacing, mobile responsiveness, details that haven’t been thought out, etc. However, if you have a design idea or concept that you’d like to discuss, we’re happy to review it and see if we can add value to your project.

Generally speaking, no. If you need a company to take over the technical management of your website, we’re happy to discuss our retainers with you. Prior to executing an ongoing management agreement, we will perform a technical website audit to ensure we understand your website and have identified any outstanding issues. Once we’re up to date on the site we can work together to make any changes you need.

Our office is based in the heart of Washington, DC, about four blocks from the White House. Our team is comprised solely of full-time, direct employees.

No outsourcing. No freelancers.

You are by no means alone. Many of our clients come to us from other firms, and it seems that many issues stem from:

  • Not understanding the client’s needs
  • A lack of planning and project strategy
  • Attempting to utilize pre-built templates and plugins to try to achieve custom functionality

We have honed our processes and invested in our team to provide the best client experience we can. We are open about schedules and provide detailed expectations regarding deliverables at the outset of every project: if you stick to the schedule, you stick to the budget and launch on time.

We have a deep bench of example work, client testimonials, and references for website design, technical management, and digital marketing.