Harness the power of WordPress to solve your business challenges.

Dupont Creative is a leading DC WordPress development agency. We have built and actively maintain a large number of WordPress sites, ranging from small websites to multi thousand-page monster projects and high-profile blogs to complex e-commerce systems.

In its infancy, WordPress was primarily considered a blogging platform, but it has evolved into a flexible and powerful content management system capable of running almost any type of website.

Harness the power of WordPress to solve your business challenges.

How can we help?

Our DC WordPress experts develop new WordPress websites and convert existing websites to use the WordPress platform. We never outsource programming or support work – everything is done by our direct employees, so you can be confident that your website will be stable and secure.

Once your site is running on WordPress, you’ll have the freedom to easily update your website whenever you need to, without needing help from a programmer. After your site launches, we can help with hosting, SEO and marketing, and the day-to-day maintenance of your website.

The WordPress projects we undertake usually fall into one of the following three scenarios:

Create a new site from scratch

WordPress is the leading CMS platform on the web for good reason and an excellent choice for the majority of businesses looking to set up a new website.

We can help you strategically plan and then develop a WordPress website built to precisely meet your business objectives.

Rescue an existing WordPress site

Is your current WordPress website not working as well as it should be? Poor conversion rates? Slow load times? Broken features? Issues making updates?

We can salvage what you already have and help you improve your website to ensure that it is running optimally.

Migrate from another CMS

If your current CMS is outdated, expensive to run, or hard to use, we can help migrate your existing website to WordPress.

You’ll likely immediately realize speed, usability, and SEO improvements. This can also be a great opportunity to refresh the look of your site.

DC WordPress Design Projects

"In a matter of months, Dupont Creative revamped our outdated website into a state-of-the-art site. 

Throughout the entire process, they were extremely professional, prompt, and demonstrated close attention to detail.

We offer our highest recommendation."
— S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace

Straightforward Editing

The ease of updating WordPress websites is legendary. Editing is simple with ‘Word-like’ WYSIWYG editing capabilities paired with custom post types and taxonomies that make structuring content a breeze. In addition, many sites utilize drag-and-drop content pattern libraries and custom fields that provide fill-in-the-blank simplicity for content that needs to be organized and filtered.

Any user can make updates to the content of your website, without any specialist training. This makes keeping your website up-to-date and relevant to visitors easy and cost-effective.

WordPress organizes and formats content in a way that search engines find easy to digest and analyze, so your website will rank well in Google out of the box.

Straightforward Editing

Enterprise-Level WordPress

Just about anyone can spin up a WordPress site, which is a huge strength and a weakness of the platform. When we refer to ‘enterprise level’ WordPress, we are talking about using WordPress as a platform in a business environment requiring a certain level of security, governance, and scale.

Using mature workflows and processes, our team develops highly customized WordPress websites that provide the security and stability required by business clients. As a result, our development work adheres to established coding best practices, naming conventions, accessibility guidelines, and security protocols.

Enterprise-Level WordPress

Advanced Functionality

Our team relishes complex WordPress development challenges to provide our clients with the functionality that they need to drive their businesses forwards.

  • Multi-language websites
  • Secure member log-in areas
  • Complex content migrations
  • Bespoke WordPress plug-in development
  • Paywalls and subscriptions
  • Marketing automation integrations
  • CRM integrations
  • Payment gateway integrations
  • Bespoke Gutenberg development
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Advanced search functionality
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Advanced Functionality

Our white-glove WordPress maintenance packages combine top-quality WordPress support, maintenance and development services from our in-house team.

You can sleep soundly knowing that updates to your website, security patches and backups are completely taken care of and that any issues that do crop up will be handled proactively, quickly, and professionally.

WordPress Support & Maintenance
Our white-glove WordPress maintenance packages combine top-quality WordPress support, maintenance and development services from our in-house team.

Training and Support

We provide comprehensive training for our clients on how to use their new WordPress site, along with a video reference guide and the option of ‘refresher’ training sessions as new people join your team.

After your site has launched, we are here for you to ensure that your website receives the technical support and maintenance it requires to continue functioning at a high level.

Training and Support

Managed WordPress Hosting & Security

Hosting can be the weakest link in even the best online marketing campaigns. Our specialty WordPress hosting solutions are fast, reliable, and highly secure.

Our clients can be confident that they have access to 24/7 monitoring, support, security patching, and fully managed backups to ensure that their websites are highly reliable and know that they are backed up with proactive support should an issue ever arise.

Managed WordPress Hosting & Security

Is WordPress the right choice for my project?

We are huge fans of WordPress at Dupont Creative. Over the last few years, the majority of the websites that we’ve produced have been built on the WordPress.org platform.

Historically, WordPress was seen as primarily a platform for bloggers without the sophistication and security required by business websites. This is no longer true. The fact that WordPress has roots in the blogging community is, in fact, a massive strength: bloggers need the ability to log in and publish an article as quickly as possible. WordPress can bring that simplicity and speed to all facets of your website.

Stand out in a sea of same.

Let’s start with a no-pressure conversation about your project.

We don’t employ salespeople or high-pressure tactics. You’ll talk with an experienced project manager who can help you figure out exactly what your project requirements are or just give you an estimate if you already know what you need.