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Many clients come to us with specific ideas for their website redesign, while others are open to any and all suggestions. No matter where you land, we can help you create a custom website design that fits your organization’s goals and brand aesthetic.

Common FAQs about starting your custom website design.

Q: How do I decide on a design for my website?
A: We often start by looking at sites you like and discussing what you like about them. We’ll work to hone in on your style preferences and the functionality you’ll need to achieve your goals for the site. We’ll also guide you on where to start looking if you’re having a hard time finding something you like; for example, looking at similar organizations in other cities is a great way to find inspiration.

Q: Can I combine elements from multiple websites that I like?
A: Yes and no. Some design elements you like will mesh well with others, but it’s important to keep your site’s design and goals in mind so it doesn’t look piecemealed together. We’ll help you figure out the best web design that fits your aesthetic goals while still working with your overall website strategy.

Q: What if I need a site ASAP but I don’t know where to start?
A: Our team has years of experience figuring out what clients are looking for, and will work to capture your vision, even if you’re not sure what it is yet. Typically we recommend WordPress as the CMS for its flexibility; we’ll go through your basic goals for functionality as well as design options to help you pick out an overall look. Once a design is selected, functionality is nailed down, and content is ready, the project moves forward quickly.

How we approach a custom website design in DC.

We have worked with clients with a specific vision and those with none at all. Wherever you may fall in knowing what you want from your new website design, we can help you achieve a site that not only matches your brand aesthetic but also works well for you and your visitors.

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