Creating captivating and SEO-friendly titles.

When you’re writing SEO site content, you write it in the hope that someone out there is reading it and finding useful information that will also promote your business or organization. You can research search engine optimization strategies and learn about how media items can make a difference in your content, but one of the most important factors in your blog’s success with users is the title.

A blog title that grips the reader and boosts SEO.

You may have your keyword research nailed down, your photos and videos selected, and all the useful information about your topic there is to know, but so may your competitors. So how do you come out on top? Consider what users see first when doing a Google search, the title of your page.

If a user Googles “Engagement Rings in DC”. They’ll likely receive dozens if not hundreds, of quality options in their search. It can be overwhelming, but they’re likely to click on the article that sounds like it answers their question and is interesting to read.

For example, if your title is “Engagement Rings in DC” and your competitors’ titles are “5 Stunning Engagement Rings in DC to Pop the Question With” and “DC Engagement Rings That Will Wow Her”, the user is more likely to click on articles with an interesting title. Don’t get stuck in the trap that Google is the only thing that matters.

How to write great blog titles.

There isn’t a specific formula for writing the perfect blog title, but these tips can help.

Focus on your keyword- Use your keyword in the title and focus your blog’s title around it. Why is that your keyword and how does your blog relate to it? If you are new to SEO, consider learning more about keyword research for optimal results.

Consider using a numbered list- Users love lists. When you give them options to consider, it makes the whole page digestible- and they can be easier to write as well!

Ask the user a question, then be the answer- Grip the user with a question they’re already asking themselves. “Looking for the perfect engagement ring?” then be the answer to their need with “We’ve got you covered”. By relating to them and showing them you can help, they’re on the hook and will want to know more.

Make it worth their while- Often, users only click on titles they think can really benefit them. If your title doesn’t describe how you can help them or at least give them an interesting read, they’ll keep scrolling.

If you’re still stuck- If you have no idea how to start your blog with a title, write the blog first. It’s in our nature to want to title our work before we start, but sometimes you may find that your blog ends up slightly different than how you originally envisioned it. Once you’ve written the SEO blog, come up with a few title options and see which one fits best.

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