Here’s how photos and videos can help with search engine optimization.

Coming up with inspiration for your search engine optimization (SEO) blogs can be more of a task than writing the actual blog. You may spend hours looking for the best topics, keywords, and organizational structure for your blogs. However, one easy way to make your blogs more enjoyable for your readers and boost your SEO opportunities is to utilize more photo and video content.

What videos and photos can do for your search engine optimization.

User Experience

It’s important to educate your readers about what you do. In many cases, you want to keep your blogs short, sweet, and to the point- so the reader doesn’t get bored and move on. Using photo and video content can break up the writing on your blog, giving the reader a chance to visualize what you’re talking about and helping you convey your message in a different way.


When you’re trying to diversify your audience across multiple platforms, you want each to succeed. A great way to boost your YouTube viewership, for example, is to embed your YouTube videos in your blogs. This will help you get more views on your videos, and you may have two chances to rank on Google for the same thing through both your blog post and your video post.

SEO Opportunities

Photos and videos also give you more SEO opportunities. For example, you can use YouTube’s tagging feature to tag relevant keywords to that video while also targeting keywords in your blog post. For images, you can use the alt tag feature to list a specific keyword that gives you yet another chance to rank on Google. The alt tag is also great to enhance your website’s accessibility to help make the web a better place for all.

Consider the blogs that stand out to you for SEO.

If you’re still unsure about the benefits of videos and photos, consider your favorite blogs (or blogs you’re looking to model yours after). Chances are that the ones you like, and specifically the ones that are most successful, are using one or more photos or videos.

Short Blogs- Make sure your blog never has fewer than 300 words. While these blogs may seem short, a photo or video can add an interesting visual element that takes your blog from average to exciting.

Long Blogs- Sometimes, you may find that you need to include quite a bit of information in your blog to get your point across. No matter the topic, photos and videos are a great tool to break up the blog post text. Most users have a hard time digesting a lot of content without a bit of a break. Photos and videos create natural breaks so they can dive into each section with as much interest as the last.

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