Gets results with targeted social media ads.

While social networks make it easy to get your ads up and running on their platforms, they don’t tell you that you could end up spending a lot of money only to receive mediocre results if you don’t use the right combination of creative copy and artwork, audience targeting, and goal setting.

Successful social media advertising can:

  • Reach new audiences and gain new fans
  • Inspire and captivate an audience’s attention
  • Drive business growth with more donations or sales
  • Develop quality leads
  • Make it easier for you to engage directly with customers
Gets results with targeted social media ads.

First Month Results

New York-Based Nonprofit


Increase in page likes


Increase in engagement


Increase in clicks to website

Our step-by-step approach to advertising on social media.

1. Build Audience Personas

1. Build Audience Personas

Defining your ideal customer profiles will help align messaging and offers. Most audiences do not follow a linear path to purchase, which means each audience needs a unique approach to increase their understanding of who you are and what benefits you offer them.
2. Plan Your Advertising Strategy and Targets

2. Plan Your Advertising Strategy and Targets

Defining advertising objectives that best align with your marketing goals will help us work together to set a budget and targets in order to measure and generate the results you want.
3. Set Up and Structure Your Advertising Account

3. Set Up and Structure Your Advertising Account

Based on your advertising objectives, there will be specific metrics that matter more to your campaigns. We will clearly define your objectives, then structure your ad account for consistent measuring by utilizing naming conventions, testing tracking pixels, and more.
4. Create and Test Ads

4. Create and Test Ads

Each platform has different types of ads that can help you reach your objectives, such as carousel ads, text ads, video ads, and more. We will create ads that inspire and test them using tactics such as A/B testing to refine and achieve better results.

Is your social advertising maximizing your ROI?

We’ll work with you to define and plan your strategy around data that will ensure you are successful in meeting your business objectives.

That includes ensuring you’re using the right platforms, with appropriate targeting, goals, geographic area, spend, creative, and more.

There are two billion reasons to advertise on Facebook. Whether you’re a startup or looking for new ways to grow, Facebook advertising offers many ad solutions designed to help, such as:

  • Lead conversion
  • Purchasing products
  • Page engagement
  • Attracting new followers
  • Ad recall
  • Increasing donations

Paid Facebook advertising helps get your site in front of new and existing customers in a low-cost, low-risk environment.

Instagram is owned by Meta and inherits its best-in-class targeting system with a younger, and arguably more savvy, audience than Facebook. With 59% of U.S.-based adults using Instagram daily and an advertising reach that has outpaced Facebook, Instagram has become a powerhouse advertising platform.

60% of people discover new products on Instagram, will yours be next?

Love it or hate it, influencers are a powerful advertising force. If you are considering partnering with influencers as part of your marketing strategy, we can help you avoid common pitfalls and create meaningful, profitable partnerships by identifying appropriate partnership opportunities, negotiating agreements, managing expectations, planning the partnership rollout, and measuring success moving forward.

LinkedIn offers premier advertising that utilizes professional profile data for more accurate targeting. LinkedIn may not be as robust as Facebook advertising, but it allows you to target specific job types, companies, company sizes, and more. While LinkedIn conversions might cost more than other platforms, the data provides the ability to aggressively target specific audiences that aren’t available elsewhere.

Twitter calls itself the #1 platform for discovery, so it’s no surprise that the industries that typically perform best on Twitter are ones that will be producing breaking information such as news, entertainment, technology, and politics.

Twitter advertising allows you to promote your account, relevant trends, and individual tweets, putting this information in front of targeted audiences.

With over two billion monthly users, YouTube’s vast reach and powerful targeting, including demographics, topics, customer matching, similar audiences, video remarketing, affinity audiences, in-market audiences, and life events, make it an incredibly valuable advertising platform.

While the platform tends to engage with a younger demographic, TikTok has an absolutely massive audience, and it’s growing fast. TikTok has exceptionally engaged users, and the platform itself is becoming more and more popular, so while it isn’t (yet) a heavyweight in the paid ads department, it likely will be within a few years.

While a smaller platform than some of its social media competitors, Pinterest packs an advertising punch since its users largely visit the platform to discover new products and ideas. In addition, the demographics are hard to beat: 45% of Americans with a $100,000+ income are Pinterest users.