ABI’s mission is to protect, promote, and ensure the long-term viability of the butter industry. The group had a fairly basic website and wanted to add new functionality, such as a more robust news feed and a password-protected area, to make the site work better for their visitors and be a sharper representation of their members.

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American Butter Institute website design detail

The Solution

We started the revamp by streamlining the navigation to ensure a logical flow of information. Then, we collaborated with ABI’s team to refresh and reorganize existing content, ensuring it remained accurate, relevant, and engaging before building a custom WordPress website.

The updated design better aligns with ABI’s goals as an organization and provides a solid platform for future growth, allowing their communications team to add content quickly and easily.


A bold new approach.

ABI wanted a bold, modern look for their association, including new accent colors, new fonts, and a completely new visual direction.

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