Compete America initially launched a website with placeholder content and minimal details about their coalition’s mission or members. The site lacked any sort of growth strategy, which posed challenges for subsequent updates, and was created on a platform that was unwieldy and difficult to edit. As a coalition representing some of the world’s top technology firms, they decided to overhaul their online presence, including completely revamped content and a totally redesigned layout.

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Compete America website design detail

The Solution

We started by developing a new navigation, ensuring an intuitive experience for their key audiences: members, policymakers, and industry stakeholders. With our new pages outlined, we worked closely with the communications team to create and refine new content to ensure the messaging was effective, clear, and easy to understand.

With the foundation set, we developed a custom design that was vibrant, modern, and worked well with their new content, all while ensuring simplicity for future in-house updates.

Compete America now has a robust and versatile tool to effectively engage with their stakeholders and advance their mission.


Before and After

The Compete America team wanted to change everything about the website, including pages, content, fonts, accent colors, and overall style.

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