Milton’s website was on an outdated CMS platform, so making even simple changes was a complex process that caused unnecessary headaches. The site didn’t perform well on phones, which caused issues for families trying to find information while on the move.

In addition to these two large issues, the site architecture had grown through the years without a plan making information difficult to find. There was no clear voice for recruitment or space for announcements.

With a new, state-of-the-art campus opening, Milton Gottesman was overdue for a website redesign.

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Milton Gottesman Jewish Day School website design detail

The Solution

The goal behind the website redesign was to create a plan for existing content, but also to look forward, ensuring the site could accommodate growth and changes as the school continued to evolve. Site administrators needed a site they could keep up to date in terms of both content and design.

As with all of our projects, we started with a strategy meeting to better understand Milton’s short and long-term goals for both the school and their digital marketing. By better understanding their plans, we were able to create a foundation that will scale with the organization.

The content was revised to be user and SEO-friendly, the main calls to action are highlighted on each page; by creating custom flexible blocks, site administrators can create and revise the pages, keeping them styled and sharp.

Milton’s new website is bright, and inviting and is a strong communication tool for families, fundraising, and recruitment.

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