NBCC goes beyond the act of raising donations by emphasizing a comprehensive four-pronged approach to ending breast cancer, including advocacy, education, policy, and research.

NBCC’s decade-old website was created on a proprietary CMS that was extremely limited on how NBCC could edit and add new content. Often, items such as news or research didn’t have a dedicated home on the website, so NBCC had to publish pages within pages, creating a navigational nightmare. By structuring pages this way, it was nearly impossible to find even basic content. The search bar was ineffective and there was no capability to filter results by subject.

Instead of being a core component of their marketing, the website was an ineffective tool that was incredibly difficult to use for both NBCC’s staff and site visitors.

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National Breast Cancer Coalition website design detail

The Solution

NBCC needed a website that would impart a sense of urgency and drive action. Instead of bright pink and white colors, the new site was designed with a darker, more urgent feeling palette. Our team collaborated with their PR agency to weave in pieces of other ongoing campaigns to ensure consistency across multiple mediums.

Reorganizing the site was one of the biggest priorities for the redesign. Their new site needed to ensure that visitors understood that they weren’t just a fundraising organization but a powerhouse dedicated to real changes in the fight against breast cancer.

We created a sitemap that made information easier to find, including breaking out the “focus areas” into four core pages. We then created a custom taxonomy that links news, events, and resources to their focus areas to ensure keeping the site up to date is quick and streamlined for NBCC’s communications team.

Their new website is mobile responsive, organized, easy to update, and features clear calls to action.


A Site That Makes Sense

As a fact-based organization, NBCC has a lot of content. By migrating to WordPress, NBCC now has a taxonomy-based system that allows them to have a design that truly showcases their amazing work and that they can continue to build on for the years to come.

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