DC Prep’s mission is to bridge the educational divide in Washington, DC, by increasing the number of students from underserved communities with the academic preparation and personal character to succeed in competitive high schools and colleges.

DC Prep’s old site was outdated, but the main issue was the inability to easily add pages, news, or announcements. This became a serious problem when COVID began to cause rapid changes that needed to be communicated quickly and clearly to nervous, overwhelmed families.

The content and structure of the site weren’t clear for prospective families, adding stress to the limited DC Prep staff as they attempted to guide parents through information that could easily be provided online.

With school closures and an enrollment drive around the corner, DC Prep came to us with an ambitious six-week turnaround time for getting a new website designed, rewritten, tested, and online.

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DC Prep website design detail

The Solution

We were ready to meet this challenge, on time and on budget, with a design that was a better reflection of DC Prep: modern, bright, fun, and optimistic.

By completely overhauling the navigation, we created unique website segments and clear calls to action for all of their main visitor types, including prospective families, current students, and potential new staff.

Previously, the application process was vague and overwhelming. We created a new section for prospective families, including information on DC Prep, FAQs, and a step-by-step guide for applying.

We incorporated a bright red banner that appears on all pages that acts a key part of their announcement strategy. The optional banner allows DC Prep to clearly communicate critical news, such as COVID or weather-related closures.

The new site was launched a few days ahead of their registration drive, and the fun design and flexible system have made an enormous impact on DC Prep’s overall communications.


Creating Clarity through Design

DC Prep was excited to move away from a dull, convoluted, and uninspiring site. We used modern fonts, more of their bright and child-friendly color palette, and vibrant videos to highlight clear calls to action; the site is performing better than ever.

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