USMI recognized the need to adapt and refresh their brand, and decided to undergo a complete rebranding exercise. Then, it embarked on a journey to revitalize its online presence through a comprehensive website redesign.

The project aimed to establish a fresh brand identity and enhance user engagement by incorporating dynamic features, such as faceted search, interactive maps, and innovative ways to present facts from reports.

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U.S. Mortgage Insurers website design detail

The Solution

We started the project by developing a new brand identity. The redesigned logo features contemporary design elements, with complimentary backgrounds to create cohesive visuals across the website.

We redesigned the website to align with the updated brand. Incorporating the new logo and backgrounds provided a cohesive visual narrative throughout the site while implementing interactive elements, such as faceted search, maps, and data visualization, significantly enhanced the website experience.

Overall, we established a compelling brand identity, improved user experience, and enhanced data presentation, and improved the website functionality, navigation, and responsiveness.


Showcasing a new brand

USMI wanted the website to showcase the new branding and messaging.  We wove the new shapes into the design, focused on utilizing their vibrant color palette, and ensured the messaging took center stage.

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