The Amazon Conservation Association is a nonprofit organization that focuses on conservation efforts to better protect the Amazon forest in countries like Peru and Bolivia. Through various programs, they aim to empower people, protect the wild, and put science to work with the ultimate goal of solving the threats that the Amazon faces.

Amazon Conservation’s previous website was built on an outdated system that didn’t allow them to update content easily. Due to the fact that it was so difficult to add new content, they created various microsites to highlight new technology. The site was outdated and extremely content heavy, potentially leaving visitors and donors uninspired by the critical work Amazon is involved in.

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Amazon Conservation Association website design detail

The Solution

Our priority was highlighting the work they do on the ground to urge visitors to help support their cause. We focused on transforming their extremely content-heavy site into a sharp emotional plea to encourage users to take action.

To achieve an interactive experience, we created dynamic content, a custom whiteboard video for a visual appeal, and two interactive maps.

The new website showcases how the organization strives to help preserve and protect the Amazon with a modern design that highlights the meaningful work they do through visual elements, including video, photography, maps, and social media integrations.

The result is an easy to update, centralized system that highlights their reach and impact and encourages visitors to support their cause.


Before and After


Increase in new visitors.


Increase in pageviews.


Increase in organic traffic.

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