Is your current website a liability?

We can help you to migrate your existing web content to WordPress. This can take the form of a CMS-CMS replatforming project, where we precisely replicate the content and design of your current site, rebuilt using WordPress as a flexible CMS.

You can use this as an opportunity to make cosmetic changes, improve your website by adding new functionality or use the content migrated from your old website as a starting point for a new project.

Schedule a call today with one of our project managers for a free initial review of your current system and to start working on a roadmap for migrating to a new, user-friendly, Google-friendly content management system.

Is your current website a liability?

Migrate from older, legacy CMS systems

Clients often approach us to help improve their existing websites that are built on outdated, legacy platforms that lack the functionality they need to meet their objectives, or worse, are no longer supported by your existing vendors and are becoming unreliable.

We have extensive experience in performing large, complex migrations from legacy CMS systems, even in cases where the original vendor is out of business or otherwise uncooperative.

As an added benefit, clients often find that their running costs are significantly reduced by moving to a platform such as WordPress and that they gain an automatic boost to search engine rankings and user satisfaction from the improvements in their technology platform alone.

Migrate from older, legacy CMS systems
We had a site built on Drupal that was difficult to update, outdated in terms of design and ran slowly. We also suffered a severe security breach, which resulted in our website being attacked and deleted, meaning we had to start from scratch.

After a consultation with Dupont Creative, we decided to go with a WordPress Enterprise-level website. Dupont worked closely with our team to create the look we wanted and to streamline our entire approach.

The site is highly automated, making it easy to update and maintain on a daily basis. We have multiple levels of contributors that can add their own content without access to the overall site. Finally, hosting and security were upgraded, so our site hasn't had any issues at all since launch. We're very pleased.

— Heidi Obermyer, Program Coordinator, Center for Transatlantic Relations

Johns Hopkins University

Drupal 7 and 8 migrations

Now is the time to consider migrating your Drupal site to WordPress… especially if you are using Drupal 7 or Drupal 8.

In light of the Drupal end-of-live announcement for versions 7 and 8, it’s likely that you will experience issues if you do not upgrade your site to Drupal 9 very soon.

Given the lack of backward compatibility between code written for Drupal 7/8 and 9, this is likely to be a costly endeavor and presents a prime opportunity to reassess the content management platform being used by your organization. It may well be that you can achieve far more with fewer resources by switching to WordPress.

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Drupal 7 and 8 migrations

Migrate from basic website builders

Consumer-grade website builders like GoDaddy, Wix and Squarespace often seem like a great idea when a business is starting out.

However, once established, many businesses find themselves constrained by the limitations of the platforms they chose. Website builders often spell disaster for SEO and digital marketing efforts and make it hard to consistently present a polished, professional appearance. Custom functionality? Marketing automation? CRM integrations? Forget it.

We can rapidly move your content to WordPress, which is widely regarded as the best universal platform website for business websites. From there, we can help you build a professional template, ensure your technical SEO is properly implemented and build out any custom functionality your business might need.

WordPress Development
Migrate from basic website builders

These clients are leveraging our WordPress expertise to do more with less

"We were recommended to Dupont Creative, who took over the management of our existing site to help with WordPress bugs, slow hosting and improve our SEO.

After the redesign, our year-on-year organic traffic increased 49% and engagement on key pages went from a little over a minute to over four minutes. Conversions have never been better. "
— Chicago-based National Law Firm

Why we recommend WordPress as a platform

We are experts in migrating content to WordPress from old websites, bloated Drupal installations, and older CMS systems (such as Sitecore, Episerver, or Joomla! to name a few) – as part of a redesign project, or a straight migration of your website content and functionality (or a phased project including both). Existing CMS users are often amazed at the flexibility and lack of a learning curve when they make the switch.

Smart businesses, organizations and agencies are harnessing the power and flexibility of WordPress to shrink their recurring costs, and reduce their time to market by migrating to a better CMS backend experience.

More importantly, you don’t need to be paying for all of the costs associated with legacy content management systems. Many of our clients are saving 60-70% compared to their legacy sites between hosting and maintenance.

Clients are often concerned that WordPress lacks the functionality to handle complex sites, or that their site will ‘look like WordPress’. These concerns might have been valid in the past, but with the right development partner, they aren’t true today.

  • API integrations? Check.
  • Pre-built Salesforce, CRM and AMS integrations? Check.
  • Enterprise-level security? Check.
  • Lower development costs
  • Dramatically lower hosting and maintenance fees
  • Less time spent on support, fewer aggravated end-users

What we can help with what’s next for your website.

Stand out in a sea of same.

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