KI Concerts is a team of music and travel experts that collaborates with directors and ensembles to provide unique, custom concert tours worldwide.

When we started the process, KI Concerts had an outdated website on an obsolete CMS. There were very few pages on the site and those few pages had incomplete and unclear information. The site needed to create a full content solution so that the services were clear and concise.

As KI Concerts tempts visitors with unforgettable trips, it was essential that the website have bright, bold colors and photography throughout.

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KI Concerts website design detail

The Solution

With such an outdated website, we were essentially starting from scratch. In order to figure out the optimal customer journey, we held discovery meetings with key teams, including management and sales. Understanding the sales cycle, purchasing process, and areas of growth helped us set a full page and content strategy.

We started by developing a navigation that split choral, instrumental, and custom plans to remove confusion on trip types. Visitors can also filter their search by destination, including by region, country, or by type of trip. Each country page has engaging information, including sample tours, galleries, testimonials, and strong calls to action.

To help streamline the sales process, the site emphasizes a FAQ section about the travel experience.

The custom design creates a striking backdrop to create excitement about their tours, including video, photo galleries, and bold use of their colors and brand throughout.


Igniting the Desire to Travel with KI

In addition to creating clear, concise information on the multiple programs and locations offered, the new site really needed to excite and inspire its visitors. The design utilized vibrant colors and photography throughout to provide a memorable visual experience, and to encourage visitors to start the planning process.

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