The CENTERS website was over a decade old, had confusing navigation, and the content and style desperately needed a refresh. Having previously worked with CENTERS’ parent company, Brailsford & Dunlavey, on their website redesign, we were thrilled to work with the organization again.

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CENTERS website design detail

The Solution

Recognizing the dual purpose of the site as a tool for both sales and employee recruitment, we started the project by conducting extensive interviews with existing clients and stakeholders to better understand what was most important to potential new clients and the CENTERS leadership team. We then did a comprehensive audit of content and navigation, coupled with meticulous copy editing. We also created gated content to help with lead generation.

After overhauling the website’s strategic foundation, we moved on to the visual revamp. We introduced a fresh aesthetic, incorporating new fonts and accent colors to modernize the brand and enhance its appeal. Transitioning to WordPress ensures that CENTERS can easily adapt to future changes and maintain a dynamic online presence.

This transformation positions the CENTERS website as a powerful and engaging marketing tool for attracting new clients and recruiting top talent.


A whole new direction.

CENTERS was looking for a bright and contemporary design, including a completely new color palette and font.

We worked with CENTERS to find a vibrant new look, including some custom animation to ensure the site was more engaging and modern.

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