Is Drupal the right choice for your project?

Probably not. Very often WordPress can do anything that Drupal can do… more efficiently, with fewer resources, shorter lead times, and on a smaller budget.

Drupal absolutely has its place, but in the vast majority of use cases we see, WordPress would be a better fit. We aren’t the only ones who think so: brands from The White House to the New York Times and even Microsoft agree and are successfully using WordPress as a platform.

We will help you seamlessly migrate your Drupal site to WordPress, or build a new website for you from scratch on the platform. We, of course, continue to provide development and maintenance agreements for our existing clients.

Is Drupal the right choice for your project?

Now is the time to consider migrating your Drupal site to WordPress... especially if you are using Drupal 7 or Drupal 8

In light of the Drupal end-of-live announcement for versions 7 and 8, it’s likely that you will experience issues if you do not upgrade your site to Drupal 9 very soon.

Given the lack of backward compatibility between code written for Drupal 7/8 and 9, this is likely to be a costly endeavor and presents a prime opportunity to reassess the content management platform being used by your organization. It may well be that you can achieve far more with fewer resources by switching to WordPress.

Migration Packages
Now is the time to consider migrating your Drupal site to WordPress... especially if you are using Drupal 7 or Drupal 8

These clients are leveraging our WordPress expertise to do more with less.

"Dupont Creative was encouraging, organized and professional from the first day to the day of our website launch.  

They were able to visualize my concept and put it into website form in an even greater - and more beautiful - way than I ever imagined.  I have received more compliments, more subscribers and have been able to make a bigger impact because of my gorgeous web presence."
— Dr. Amy Parks, Founder, The Wise Family

Why WordPress?

We are experts in migrating content from Drupal to WordPress – either as part of a redesign project, or a straight migration of your website content and functionality (or a phased project including both). Existing Drupal users are often amazed at the flexibility and lack of a learning curve when they make the switch.

Smart businesses, organizations and agencies are harnessing the power and flexibility of WordPress to shrink their recurring costs, reduce their time to market by migrating to a better CMS backend experience.

If you aren’t a monster .gov, you don’t need Drupal. More to the point, you don’t need to be paying for all of the costs associated with Drupal. Many of our clients are saving 60-70% compared to their previous Drupal-based sites between hosting and maintenance.

Clients are often concerned that WordPress lacks the functionality to handle complex sites, or that their site will ‘look like WordPress’. These concerns might have been valid in the past, but with the right development partner, they aren’t true today.

  • API integrations? Check.
  • Pre-built Salesforce, CRM and AMS integrations? Check.
  • Enterprise-level security? Check.
  • Lower development costs
  • Dramatically lower hosting and maintenance fees
  • Less time spent on support, fewer aggravated end-users

Are you having issues getting IT or executive buy-in? Call us. We often help marketing departments facilitate discussions with skeptical stakeholders by demonstrating how WordPress has evolved into an enterprise-level CMS solution and the results that can be achieved with the right partner.

You don’t need Drupal anymore. We can help with what’s next.

Choose a DC Web Design company who will partner with you to achieve your full potential.

We are a full-service digital and web design firm that works on a range of projects, from publicly traded companies and large trade associations to sole-practitioner attorneys. Our mission is to create successful, strategic, well-tailored WordPress websites and highly effective digital marketing plans for our clients.

Whether you are seeking to create a new website, improve your SEO, or enhance your social and PPC performance, we can help move your business or organization forward with better digital efficiency and marketing results.

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  • No Outsourcing

    We want things done right... so we do them ourselves. We don't outsource: all of our work is carried out by full-time, direct employees and a principal directly oversees each project.

  • Driven By Results

    We only succeed when our clients succeed. We act as a true partner to our clients and everything we do is with an eye to moving the needle on their marketing objectives.

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